Other Work

My cat, having hi-falutin' dreams.

The puppy down the street, rolling in the grass.

The third and final angle of the draft horse.
The same draft horse I've done before, at a different angle.

Three Ducks - two mallards and one "manky" duck from Congress Park, like the carousal below. These ducks interbreed a lot, and come to have their ducklings in the ponds of the park every year. Hybrid ducks are called manky.

Draft Horse from a local farm (Saratoga County)

This is from the carousal in Congress Park, Saratoga, except this mare is breaking free (all carousal horses are mares, unless the carver was having a bad day or playing a practical joke).

A Russian Blue. The same boy who's featured two drawings down.

Two rescue cats, a big striped tomcat and a Siamese.

A Russian Blue that my neighbor found in a small shelter, believe it or not. He's a sweet animal who loves jumping into cars and going for rides, so long as you don't try to take his rodent away from him.

This tuxedo cat is one of my house mates. He actually only has half a tail, but that didn't get into the drawing.

I did this a year ago for a Shamanism class. I filled it with critters that could be considered spirit animals (except for the moth, insects are a no-no but I just had to do it) from the New England area. Bat, beaver, white-tailed deer, golden eagle, bear, mountain lion, wolf, elk, great blue heron, moth, painted turtle, trout, hedgehog, rabbit, garter snake, raccoon. ( I believe that's all of them.)

This elf has eleven miniature dragons he has to contend with. Can you spot them all? Just imagine all the cat food cans he has to go through in a day.

A black Labrador Retriever I drew

I was at a Renassaince Faire a few years ago and saw people walking around with little puffball "gremlins" on their shoulders. This is my interpretation of a real shoulder gremlin.
Three pictures you've seen before. Clockwise from the top left we have my cat Viggo, then the orange and white cat across the street, and a desert dragon out of one of my stories.

This tiny dragon is using a bed post as it's perch. Like the two reptiles below, it is a creature out of the books I write.

This large critter is enjoying the result of a car accident it most likely caused.

I always thought it would be cute to have a pet dragon.

Here's an earlier piece of work. Animals escaped from a haunted carousel.

Meet Jack, my whippet/lab mix
Also known as Jack-Jack, Jackson, Jackie, Fluffyhead and (language alert) Jack-@$$ to my neighbor
Animal lovers will understand the insanity

A whippet is like a small greyhound (the racing dogs, not the bus). Jack is a mix, but he's still amazingly fast. When he runs, his ears fold back, his back legs come forward together at the same time as his front feet pull back, and his body extends and contracts like an accordion. He can run twice as fast as dogs twice his size. He leaps straight up into the air to catch flying leaves and he's about as springy as Tigger. Unfortunately he will chase anything that moves, whether it be balls, cats, low-flying birds, squirrels, or people on bicycles. He's only about a year and a half old, and in the spring we will begin experimenting with frisbees!

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