Black and White Ink Drawings/Portraits

How would you like your pets or your loved ones immortalized forever in a bold black and white, original ink portait that will never fade? Give me any species of animal with feathers, fur, scales or skin, or a person of any age, gender or unique appearance, and I can inscribe him, her or them in ink.

You might be interested in a family portrait, or a drawing of your son with his dog or your daughter surrounded by tropical birds.

Or you might like a self-portrait of yourself on a special occasion: a wedding, an anniversary, the first time you held your child....
Or a portrait transferred from a photograph taken during a single moment in time when you were just really enjoying yourself on a nice day.
Or you could always have a portrait of yourself with a tiger roaring over your shoulder, an eagle behind your right ear or a dragon looking out of your pocket, whatever takes your fancy.
I specialize in portraits of people and pets. I can do any kind of animal: dog, cat, horse, lizard, bird, fish...etc. I can combine photographs of people with those of their pets so that you're lounging together in the same portrait, or I can put you next to an animal that doesn't even exist in our world.

All I need is an in-focus photograph, digital or mailed, of reasonable size (preferably 5 x 7 or larger). If you have a preferred background or an expected composition of faces in the drawing (for example: Mother is on the left and Father must be on the right), email the details to me. Otherwise I will use artist's discretion.

The portrait will come matted and framed in a color and style that complements the drawing, so you will not have to go to the store and spend $100 or more on a custom framing job.

What you get:

  • An original ink drawing, in waterproof and fadeproof black India ink.
  • Comes matted and framed (with glass), ready to be hung on your wall.
  • The frame will come in a neutral color: black, brown or silver.
  • Can come simply matted if you so desire.