Ordering Details

All ink drawings should be ordered at least two weeks to a month in advance. This means that about two weeks to a month after I recieve your reference picture, the drawing will be completed and shipped to you.

16 x 20 inches or larger pieces will need to be ordered further in advance.

Please notify me if the picture needs to be completed by a certain date or event, and I will make every effort to accommodate you.

No matter what method of payment you use, you will always receive a receipt.

Email me (Myrilis) at CobaltLizard@nycap.rr.com for further details, or if you're just curious and have questions.

*Please email me before you write any check or push any order button anyway, just in case there is some confusion or problem with the image you want, and so that I can make sure the reference photo you would like me to use for your pet/friend/relative is sufficient for the purpose!